Order Information
  • Wide variety of dishes with more than 200 types available.
  • Tingkat Menu will be changed every month.
  • All our food are low in cholesterol, low in salt, uses pure vegetable oil and No MSG.


We have a wide variety of dishes and we change our menu regularly. We strive to have new & creative variations every time! You can also have the option to use traditional tiffin carriers or microwavable containers.


Tingkat Delivery from Monday-Friday
No of Pax Dishes Meals Rates w/o Rice Meals Rates w/o Rice
1 person 3 dishes & soup/ 4 dishes 10 $81 20 $147
2 person 3 dishes & soup/ 4 dishes 10 $111 20 $207
3 person 3 dishes & soup/ 4 dishes 10 $146 20 $277
4 person 3 dishes & soup/ 4 dishes 10 $176 20 $337
5 person 3 dishes & soup/ 4 dishes 10 $201 20 $387
6 person 3 dishes & soup/ 4 dishes 10 $266 20 $517
7 person 3 dishes & soup/ 4 dishes 10 $306 20 $597
  • Rice is chargeable at $0.70 per serving.
  • Asian Delight is chargeable at $2.70 per serving every Wednesday and Friday dinner only.
  • Tingkat will be delivered in Tiffin Carriers. Option to change to microwavable containers is available at a token charge of $12 per invoice.


Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri
Week 1 Kau Kee Vegetable SoupCurry Chicken with PotatoFried Batang Fish

Cabbage with Tanghoon

Seaweed Fish Ball SoupBlack Pepper Pork ChopAmpang Yong Tau Foo

Green Vegetable

Winter Melon Pork Rib SoupSpecial San Bei ChickenFried Egg with Prawn

Long Bean

Six Herb Chicken SoupCoffee Pork RibSeafood with Tofu

Green Vegetable

ABC Pork Rib SoupPrawn Paste ChickenSambal Sotong

Fried Cauliflower

Week 2 Sweet Corn with Carrot SoupTeriyaki Chicken ChopSteamed Egg

Green Vegetable

Peanut Chicken Feet SoupSweet & Sour PorkSteamed Herbal Prawn

Mixed Vegetable

Lotus Root Pork Rib soupPineapple ChickenTeochew Steamed Fish

Green Vegetable

Salted Vegetable Chicken SoupCrispy Pork ChopClaypot Beancurd

Stired-Fried Leek Flower

Water-cress Pork Rib SoupSpring Onion Ginger ChickenDeep Fried Fish Fritter


Week 3 Old Cucumber Pork Rib SoupRendang ChickenSteamed Egg with Minced Meat

Fried Beijing Cabbage

White Fungus with Red Dates SoupTao Cheo PorkFried Prawn Fritter

Green Vegetable

Ba Kut TehCereal BeancurdBaked Black Pepper Chicken

Beansprout with Salted Fish

Bittergourd Chicken SoupPork Rib KingFish with Black Bean Sauce

Green Vegetable

Sze Chuan Vegetable SoupFried Oyster Sauce SotongChicken with Special Curry Sauce

Luo HanChye

Week 4 Radish Pork Rib SoupChicken with Dried ChilliBeancurd with Sea Cucumber

French Bean
with Shrimp

Egg with Tanghoon SoupGinger Sliced PorkSeafood Omelette

Curry Vegetable

Black Bean Pork Rib soupSesame Oil ChickenSotong with Salt & Pepper

Green Vegetable

Huai San ChickenFried Cod FishSambal Long Bean

Soup Tau Kwa with Pork

Marrow Pork Rib SoupIndonesian Curry PrawnGreen Vegetable

Steamed Minced
Meat with Tong Chye


Terms and Conditions:

  • Microwavable Container orders will be charged at additional $10
  • Please note that white rice is chargeable at additional $10/ per 20days.
  • Food items are subject to change without any prior notice.
  • To help us serve you better, please fill in “Food Not Preferred” or any special request.
  • Our Meal Delivery Service Singapore is served from Monday to Friday. No Service on Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday.
  • Cheque payment made payable to Empire Catering Pte Ltd.
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