Lunar 7th Month $17.90 – $50 off each orders

Menu Available From 14th August 2015 to 12th September 2015


Menu Items (min 25pax)
  1. 招牌银鱼炒饭 Fried Rice w/Anchovy
  2. 香菇伊芙面 Ee Fu Noodle w/ Mushroom
  3. 蜜汁小腿 Honey Drumlet
  4. 干煎虾律 Canto Har Lok Supreme Prawn
  5. 鸡肉烧卖 Chicken Siew Mai
  6. 鲍片西兰花 Broccoli w/ sliced abalone
  7. 扣肉馒头 Braised Pork W/ Bun
  8. 酸甜金目卢鱼片 Sweet And Sour Seabass Fillet
  9. 香酥家乡豆腐 Handmade deep fried beancurd
  10. 仙草龙眼 Chin Chow w/ Longan
  11. 杂果水    Tropical Fruit Punch
    番石榴水    Refreshing Pink Guava Juice
      *Please select only one item

Ala - Carte Order
  Steam / Roast Chicken 白鸡 / 烧鸡  
  $20 (each)
(please specify quantity)
  Roast Duck 烧鸭  
  $35 (each)
(please specify quantity)
  $32 (each)
(please specify quantity)
  Roast Suckling Pig (small) 烧乳猪 (小)
  $168 (each)
(please specify quantity)
  Roast Suckling Pig (big) 烧乳猪 (大)  
  $398 (each)
(please specify quantity)
  Roast Pork 烤肉  
  $20 (per kg)
(please specify quantity)
  Char Siew 叉烧  
  $20 (per kg)
(please specify quantity)
  Steamed Crab (Approx 300-400 g/Pc – Minimum 2 Pcs per order)  
  $15 (each)
(please specify quantity)
  King Crab (Approx 1kg/Pc)  
  $45 (each)
(please specify quantity)

  We provide FREE complete buffet layout with tables and skirting. Warmers, serviettes, disposable cutlery, chilli sauce and trash bag will be provided.

Optional equipment rental:
Stool (凳子) $0.70 /pc
Table (disposable table cover) 桌子 (一次性台布) $5.00/pc
Table (table cloth) 桌子(台布) $7.00/pc
Table (table cloth & skirting) 桌子 (台布和围裙) $10.00 /pc
Delivery Charge $45
  Food best consumed within 2 hours from delivery time  

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